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***WITH S.S.SERUM FLAVOR (Citrus and Mint)

Advanced D8 THC spray.

Recommended use:  Oral spray, Tincture

Active Ingredient:  Delta 8 THC

∆8THC Content:  3300mg

∆8THC Concentration:  150mg/ml

# of sprays/bottle: 90-110

Amount ∆8THC/spray: 30-36mg

Other Ingredients:  MCT Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Flavoring

Origin of Contents: 100% USA made

V.90B fires a straight stream of oil, not a wide cone of droplets. 

Dimensions: 1.25" W x 3.875" H (32mm x 99mm)

This product may cause psychoactive effects.



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
B. Rodriguez
Most amazing Delta 8 THC product I've tried.

SPR8 is convenient and effective. I've been taking a bit every day and at first I had trouble getting it to work, then I checked the instructions on the website. (Needed to hold the liquid under my tongue for 2 minutes.) You don't need to take a lot of SPR8, it is strong!

I will buying more soon and highly recommend it.


I had a really intense, psychedelic trip on this that made me feel like I was on bad acid instead of a THC analogue. Maybe it was just me, maybe it was the spray, there is no way to tell without a lab test on this. If you want to use this as a solution somewhere between CBD and low doses of Delta-9 THC, PLEASE use extreme caution or consider passing altogether, this is probably only going to only make things worse for you.

But if you want to be introduced to God, by all means, spray away.

Richard Jones

Only had this product for about 2-3 weeks and I Love it already. There were no leaks or anything when I got it. Seen a video on high Quality Crystals channel on YouTube and WOW!! Just as she said it was. Take it by drinks, mouth, and maybe food lol... The effects are great for me. Mostly use it for chilling down in the evenings.

Overall, this spray is a Great product!!!
I would recommend it!! 10/10

John Ryan
Innovation ='s Results!

This being something I have only ever thought of while dreaming maybe has become a reality. I love the Fierce and it only takes me 1 little spray into a small beverage and I usually mix it up and drink it down.

Flavor alone is very nice, as for the efffects... I give the SS Serum a Joey Lawrence "WHOAAA".

I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who needs to make their days a little bit easier, find time to relax, and just enjoy life. You don't need to go heavy or hard with this, take it one spray at a time until you feel comfortable!

Versatile and fun product!

As a typical smoker, it was nice to get a different effect from THC from this product. I experienced a very euphoric, steady high on SPR8 and found it very tasty. Recently I used it during a night out and found that it amplified the high i got from my cocktail. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to either compliment their flower usage and/or their party beverage. Also, it is a fun product to micro-dose with should you want just a little pick-me-up!